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Z3x Smart Card Rockey 200 Driver Free 139 [2022]




5022339 freddy2_: the standard ubuntu package ubuntu-drivers lists the nvidia and amd/ati and intel and so on z3x, thank you for your interest! k1l_, I'm on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS, my graphics card is a NVS 3100M (nVidia GT 630M) k1l_ i have a little problem with snapd bobJabba, ah. yeah, right. bobJabba, it does have propietary drivers. z3x: the default is to use the proprietary ones. bobJabba, there is a free driver but it seems to be very very laggy. k1l_, i did not install any of them, just installed and activated the previous ones. z3x, thanks for your help I'm gonna try to figure out how to install and use the free driver (it's already installed on the system, but I can't activate it and neither can I find a way to remove it) z3x: the default way is "add hardware to the blacklist and let the drivers decide". if you prefer the free drivers you need to use manual install/blacklist/activate or whatever it is called. bobJabba: could you show a "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log" in a pastebin? k1l_, i'm an ubuntu newbie. k1l_, i did not blacklist anything. z3x: you did install the nvidia drivers? k1l_, no, i did not k1l_, "ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" and it says its activated. k1l_, should i do this before installing nvidia drivers? k1l_,




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Z3x Smart Card Rockey 200 Driver Free 139 [2022]

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